SR&ED Tax Program Left Out of the 2014 Budget

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February 13th, 2014

business conceptBack in January, our BeneFACT company prediction was that the 2014 budget would be fairly light on mention of the SR&ED Tax Program. That point proved true on Wednesday, when the 2014 budget was tabled.

The Scientific Research & Experimental Development tax credit program (“SR&ED Tax Program” or “SRED”), was noticeably absent from this year’s budget (with the exception of one small mention in a table). What the budget did reflect on is more concentration on research & development and innovation in youth, employment and education. A few points covered included:

IRAP was also mentioned briefly with $30 million to support youth internships in small- and medium-sized businesses undertaking technical research and development projects.

SR&ED Tax Budget 2014 Conclusions

One of the main ideas that this budget shows is that the funds saved from the SR&ED cuts over the past few years are being allocated to different areas of innovation and research; primarily to strengthen the bridge between education and corporation. Considering all of these SR&ED changes that have been implemented in the past few years, perhaps it’s not such a bad thing to be missed this time around.

You can read the 2014 Economic Action Plan in its entirety here.

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