SR&ED in the News: Globe and Mail Article Covers a Claimant’s First Time Filing

By: BeneFACT Marketing in Corporate News, SR&ED

December 3rd, 2012

Doing research on the SR&ED Tax Program is quite easy these days. With all the legislative changes that are coming down the line there is an abundance of articles and information in the media.

The Globe and Mail has been no exception. Just last week they published a great article by Chris Griffiths, “One Tax Credit Not to Be Ignored”. The article outlined his experience filing for the Scientific Research & Experimental Development Tax Credit program, and how not all claimants need to work in a lab to benefit. It’s nice to hear such a positive voice give a first-hand experience.

One of the best sections of the article appears near the bottom, when Griffiths explains how the credit he received through the program helped him put more funds back into the research side of his business. This is a perfect example of how SR&ED Tax Credits are an important part of Research and Development in Canada. It’s all about moving innovation forward and rewarding the companies that engage in these types of activities.

The Importance of Opinion

First-hand accounts are one of the best tools in the SR&ED community for both consultants and claimants. There’s nothing stronger than stories from the trenches of how a business has had a positive experience when actively going through the whole process. If you’re deciding to start the SR&ED claim process, look online for accounts and case studies of those that have gone through the system, or call a SR&ED consultant and get answers to all your questions. These days, there’s no reason to go through the process blindly.

If you’re looking to maximize your SR&ED Tax benefits, call a BeneFACT consultant today to start you on the right track.