SR&ED Consulting

Why partner with us:


We focus solely on SR&ED and digital media tax credits. Over and over. We’re comfortable navigating the twists and turns in the winding claim process. We can also assist with other forms of government funding.


With over 3 decades of experience as innovation funding consultants and thousands of successful claims under our belt, we have established a proven methodology to collect financial and technical information to optimize and maximize your claim. Our expert team of technical consultants have industry experience to allow comprehensive knowledge of your industry.


We’re proud of our ISO certification. ISO 9001:2008 is the highest industry certification that ensures our processes align with the International Standard for Quality Management Systems.

It’s a pat on the back from a third party that matters. It lets us know that our focus on process, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement is recognized.


Trust that your information is safe.  We maintain the strictest confidentiality protocol with your technologies and intellectual property.  Your secrets are safe with BeneFACT.


Our services are based on a win-win partnership – a fee only occurs when you are awarded your tax credits.  No up-front fees!

Tracking & Documentation

Tracking and documentation is the single responsibility of our clients that can make or break a SR&ED claim. BeneFACT will help establish a system for tracking and documentation that works for your organization. By creating a customized solution, we can improve the success rate of your claims.

The Solution

BeneFACT’s job isn’t always done when tax season has come and gone. We have conducted regular check-ins to ensure SR&ED activities, documentation procedures, and funding opportunities are being maximized to their full potential. We can also consult with you in the early stages of a project to help align project planning with tax credits you may be eligible for. BeneFACT keeps thinking about your tax credit claims year-round, so you can focus on your business.

Let Us handle the claim prep work and calls from the CRA – and start collecting.