Jeans Equals Donations During BeneFACT Company Casual Fridays

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January 17th, 2014

businessman and guyBeing part of a professional community like SR&ED, means dressing the part. Most days at BeneFACT, especially when client meetings are involved, we like to dress up a bit: Dress pants or suits, skirts, button shirts or more formal-looking sweaters are the norm around the BeneFACT company office.

However, every other Friday we get to relax a bit and sport our favourite jeans and tee ensemble – all for charity! Even if you feel like dressing fancy, you can still put your donation in the jar. This year, those Casual Fridays meant we were able to give a great donation to the SickKids Foundation – almost $700!

The SickKids Foundation was started over 40 years ago to raise donations for child health, research, learning and care. To find out more about this great cause and how you can donate, please visit the SickKids Foundation website.

BeneFACT Company Donations

We feel very fortunate at BeneFACT, and giving back in the form of our favourite charities is part of what makes BeneFACT a great place to work. Other BeneFACT company donations we have made in the past include:

One of the best parts of these donation initiatives is that staff as a whole has a say. Employees can always suggest different foundations to support, so our gifts are those truly from the heart of the company.