Food & Beverage

Claim tax credits for cooking up something tasty using the scientific method

The F&B industry is enjoying a moment in the sun. Consumers have never been so aware of and interested in their options, the media knows a good conversation when it sees one, and food is intersecting issues ranging from sustainability to health, and from culture to craft.

Whether you’re improving the quality of your product, its longevity or the efficiency of your production methods, you can be remunerated for your R&D.

Did You Know

Food and beverage is one of the most under claimed R&D sectors in Canada. Take a hard look at what work you have accomplished. A simple change in recipe to improve flavour or cost savings can become a SR&ED project!

Tips for Innovators

Make sure you take notes of all your findings: invest in a dollar store notebook if you have to. Mythbusters said it best. "The only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down."

BeneFACT has provided great service to our company for well over a decade. The staff is very efficient and extremely reliable. I would highly recommend BeneFACT to anyone that appreciates a professional yet personable team.

Mauricio Bobadilla

R&D/QA Director, Oak Leaf Confections Ltd.

What types of companies do we serve?
  • Food Manufacturers (Fruits, Produce, Seafood, Specialty, etc.)
  • Dairy Product Manufacturers
  • Starch and Vegetable Fats and Oils Manufacturers
  • Animal Slaughtering & Processing Operations
  • Poultry & Egg Producers
  • Sugar and Confectionery Product Manufacturers

The BeneFACT Difference


Our experts have PhDs or Masters degrees, along with industry experience.


Solely focused on SR&ED + Digital Media Credits.


A dedicated department for each stage of your claim.

Speak to one of our resident experts to find out about credits you may not have considered.