Full Time vs. Contract Consultants in SR&ED

By: BeneFACT Marketing in Uncategorized

April 10th, 2014

SR&ED ConsultantAs the SR&ED community continues to expand, so does the types of roles those working on a claim take on. When looking at hiring a consultant to put together your company’s SR&ED claim, there are basically two types of SR&ED consultants to choose from; contract or full time.

Contract SR&ED Consultants

There are MANY SR&ED consultants out there who are working alone and submitting claims without the backing of a complete team. Before signing on the dotted line, think about the pros and cons of hiring a contract consultant.

Full Time Consultants

The flip side of the coin is a SR&ED consultant working for a larger company. Hiring a consultant from a reputable company means you automatically have access to all that company has to offer. This could mean different expertise (financial, general manufacturing, IT, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, etc.), and if your claim goes into review, there is a dedicated reviews team that strictly handles those types of situations. Larger firms may also give access to tools such as tracking software. Plus, if a consultant working on your claim becomes unavailable, there is an expert team right behind, ready to take on the work.

Choosing the right consultant can be a tricky task. For more information to help you in the process check out a prior BeneFACT blog post “How to Choose a SR&ED Consultant”.