Confidentiality Taken Seriously with New T661 SR&ED Form Part 9 Filing Measure

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February 7th, 2014

Ottawa,OntarioBack in October 2013, CRA released a new version of the T661 SR&ED form that included the addition of Part 9 – SR&ED Preparer Information. This new section of the form was the talk of the community as it raised a few concerns about confidentiality if a separate entity from the preparer was filing the claim. CRA seems to have taken note and released a change in how to go about filing this new section.

New T661 SR&ED Filing Measure

CRA has released a major change in that Part 9 can now be filed SEPARATELY from the T661 (13). The following is taken directly from the CRA website:

  1. The claimant sends Form T661 (13) to the CRA fully completed, except for Part 9 – Claim Preparer Information, by the reporting deadline.
  2. The claimant completes a paper copy of Part 9 for each claim preparer involved in preparing the SR&ED claim, and certifies that the information in Part 9 is complete and accurate.
  3. The claimant sends a cover letter that includes the claimant’s name, the claimant’s business number, and the tax year (start and end dates) of the claim, along with the paper copy of each completed Part 9, directly to their tax centre.

The new measures also mention that the Cover Letter/Part 9 and the actual T661 SR&ED form must be filed at the same time. Even though they may be mailed separately, CRA may apply a hefty penalty of $1000 if one of the elements is missing. It’s also imperative to remember to include the information of ALL preparer’s that may have been involved with organizing the claim.

If you have any questions pertaining to this new T661 measure and how this may affect your claim, please contact a BeneFACT Consultant today.

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