BeneFACT Company Team Players: What it takes to be a SR&ED Consultant

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February 3rd, 2014

With so many different aspects of putting a SR&ED claim together, a good firm needs to have a multi-talented staff. For this post, let’s take a closer look at the engineers working on the claim. BeneFACT Consulting Group is one of Canada’s largest independent SR&ED consultancy firms, meaning we have the luxury of employing engineers with a variety of professional backgrounds, rather than someone with a little experience in a lot of things.

When BeneFACT hires for one of our Technical Consultant positions, there are certain things that will catch the eye of Michelle Brooks, BeneFACT Director – Client & Employee Relations, from the resume to the interview.

What Makes a Great BeneFACT Consultant Candidate?

Michelle was recently quoted in 2014 Guide to Getting an Engineering Job, with some resume advice to engineers. In regards to SR&ED, it’s important to have both a deep understanding of the projects that will be attached to the claim, but also have a high level of business acumen and client-facing experience. She explains, Client-facing experience is more difficult to find in your average engineer candidate, but it’s essential in our industry since conducting technical interviews and working directly with clients is the main focus of the role.” You can read the article in its entirety at

Beyond the Resume: Keys to a Successful BeneFACT Interview

Since our engineers will be working directly with our clients’ claims, we want to find the best candidates right out of the gate. Not only are we selective about resumes, but exactly who we bring in for an interview. We’re not looking for the so-called “right” or canned answers – it’s important to make sure our future technical consultants know exactly what the job entails and to make sure it’s a good fit from both sides. Someone who is quiet or reserved may be an excellent engineer, but the role calls for a certain amount of comfort engaging with clients on a regular basis, so a technical consultant role may not be right for them. This will usually come out in the interview process, and why it’s so important to be honest throughout the whole process.

We’ve been lucky to find a team that not only has the engineering experience in IT and manufacturing, but also loves dealing with people and excels at providing great customer service. Customer service + on the job experience is the perfect recipe for a BeneFACT SR&ED Technical Consultant.

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