BeneFACT Company Spotlight – Mohamed Parpia

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March 13th, 2014

BeneFACT Company Spotlight – Mohamed Parpia
Technical Consultant, Manufacturing


We’re proud that the BeneFACT Company roster includes some of the best and brightest stars in the SR&ED field, so we thought it was time to introduce some of them to the community! Throughout the next few months, we’ll put the spotlight on some of the talented BeneFACT personalities from all departments – because we truly believe that every department contributes to the success of the company.

For our first Employee Spotlight, we chose one of our great Technical Consultants, Mohamed Parpia. Mohamed works directly with the clients to make sure all eligible projects are included in the claim, and nothing is left behind. Even if it means boarding a plane for Edmonton in the dead of winter to meet with a client face-to-face – we can count on Mohamed!

How long have you been with BeneFACT Consulting Group?
I’ll be celebrating my 3rd anniversary with BeneFACT on April 4th.

What did you do before BeneFACT?
Prior to joining BeneFACT, I worked in nanotechnology, water treatment, and medical industries as well as an Instructor at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

What drew you to working for a SR&ED-specific firm?
An SR&ED firm provides the opportunity to get immersed in a variety of industries and look at the innovative developments taking place.

What part of working for BeneFACT do you like best?
BeneFACT is a great place to work as the focus is on meeting clients and working on their SR&ED claims. As a result of this work, I have been exposed to numerous industries that I would not have otherwise and, as a result, have broadened my horizons.

What does your typical day look like?
My activities during a typical day include interacting with clients, analyzing their work, putting together their technical descriptions as well as providing input on the costing of their claims. At the same time, I provide advice on how they can improve their processes to ensure that their claims are optimized and documentation is there in the event of a review.

What parts of being a Technical Consultant do you like the best?
Being a Technical Consultant allows me to continue learning about innovative technologies in a variety of industries. It allows me to combine my science experience with a desire to work with individuals with diverse backgrounds.

What makes a good Technical Consultant?
A good Technical Consultant is one who loves science and technology as well as interacting with people and building relationships. In this work, the relationships provide tremendous personal growth while ensuring that the claim preparation process proceeds smoothly.

Where do you think the SR&ED program is going?
The SR&ED program is critical for some of the clients we work with as we get to see first-hand the impact it has on their business. This is a program that is here to stay, and while there may be cuts to it moving forward, it is a vital part of SMEs.

What would you like to see improved with SR&ED?
Different RTAs have different views on the same project, which makes it difficult to determine eligibility. Standardized criteria should be developed for reviewing the claims.

Thanks, Mohamed! We’ll have more BeneFACT Company Employee Spotlights in the coming months, so make sure you follow us on Twitter to keep up to date @sredconsulting.