About Us

Why do people look at us funny when we say we enjoy working on tax credits?

Is it because we have to deal with CRA? They’re not so bad. In this case, their job is to give away $4B!

Is it the copious amount of paperwork involved? Navigating the convoluted process? The shifting landscape? We’ve got a team and system in place to cover all that.

BeneFACT is one of the largest independently owned SR&ED consulting firms in Canada. We do one thing, really, really well. Our staff of over 60 specialized technical, legal and financial consultants submit over 500 claims a year, with a high success rate.

The focus is liberating. Since our only transaction with CRA is around tax credits, we avoid the give and take relationships enjoyed by goliath, generalist accounting firms.

And our national scope ensures we’re prepared to maximize your claims with nuanced regional industry expertise.

If you’ve never applied for SR&ED before, we can hold your hand through the process and help you integrate SR&ED tracking into your daily operations.

If you’ve applied before, we can help you identify missed claim opportunities, alleviate resistance caused by a review with the CRA, and offer you boutique-level service.

The way we see it, our job is to learn about Canada’s coolest technological innovations and then help Canadians get remunerated for creating it. There are worse jobs.