3 Ways to Get Better Acquainted with the SR&ED Program

By: BeneFACT Marketing in SR&ED

January 3rd, 2013

SR&ED Tax Credit Program

Discussing workThe SR&ED Tax Credit Program is all over the news right now, but how much do you really know about it? Did you know that even small companies and start-ups can successfully claim? It’s all about your passion for contributing to innovation in Canada. Even if your project fails, you can STILL submit a claim. There’s so much to learn about SR&ED, but where do you start?

Do Your Research

Knowledge is power – and could mean funds for your company! Now is a great time to explore the inner workings of the Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credit program as there are a fair amount of media publications discussing the current legislative changes and reviews. Keep your eyes peeled on The Hill Times, The Globe and Mail and The National Post for updates.

Attend a Seminar

If you’re new to the SR&ED process, you may find it extremely daunting to go it alone. You may not even know that getting a tax credit on your project is an option. Learning about SR&ED in a group setting with someone who knows the business inside and out may be the perfect solution for you. A seminar or webinar offers a basic overview of what the program is about.

Call a Consultant

Of course, the best way to get better acquainted with the entire SR&ED Tax Credit program is to call a professional. One of the main complaints about SR&ED is that it is complicated and confusing. A consultant knows what to look for, so nothing is missed. Plus, by having a consulting group handle the paperwork, your employees can concentrate on other tasks within the business.